If you are confused about brokers, dealers, introducing brokers, and all the other buzzwords in the Forex arena, in this post we will try to clear that up for you.

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The facts show that the risk/reward ratio, not winning percentage, is the real key to becoming profitable and sustaining a career as a trader for the long term.
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Trading Plan

A trading plan is a definitive document that spells out everything you will do as a trader. It spells out what time frame charts you will use, what indicators and overlays you will use on those charts, how you will use those tools to determine your entries and exits. It determines how much money you are willing to risk per trade, and per day. More important it is a roadmap you can consult at any time prior to entering a trade, during the management of your trade, and after your trade. Read more

Realistic Expectations

Buying and selling a market on the expectation of a higher rate of return than is currently available to you should be seen as the tip of a gigantic iceberg. Read more

Proprietary Forex Trading

Proprietary forex trading is essentially trading with your own money – it can be carried out by an individual or by an organization.

It means that the entity placing trades in the market is risking their own money, whether that entity is a new trader learning to navigate the forex market or whether it’s an institution that profits from investing their own capital. Read more