Losing Trade: Short GBPUSD 2017-11-27


I have made a losing trade this morning. Before you start criticizing me for taking the trade, you have to know that I am still a beginner at this. You see that red line on the chart. That is my trade. I have placed a sell limit order at 1.33229 with a SL of 1.3392 […]

Why I Won’t Trade the German Election?

If you have a Forex trading account, you have probably received emails about trading the German elections. It’s a big thing since Germany is the heart of the EU. So any surprising result would cause big moves in the currency markets. First of all, I don’t expect a surprise result That’s right! I think Merkel […]

My First Post

My first post about Forex

Hello World! This is my first post on this blog. I hope many will follow. There is not much you can read here at the moment. I have an about me and a contact page ready. That’s all. So what am I going to write about? A lot of things: My Forex trades. I will […]